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Real art

Yup haha #medicine for my #soul
This is the love of my life. The girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. I get to wake up everyday knowing I have her. She’s the one person I look forward to talking to and seeing 24/7. One day we’ll be gone from this town and live the greatest life ever. I want to explore the world with her. She’s a need in my life. I’m completely in love. I don’t want or need anyone else. I love your touch, smell, voice, and all your being. I know other people wish they were us. We have something special. We are soul mates. You’re my life companion. I’ll forever love you your name is written on my heart and forever it’ll stay. I’ll never leave you, you’ll never leave me. We are the definition of love.

I’m never allowed to speak about what’s bothering me. Like I don’t want to bottle things up. Isn’t life about communication? Who am I suppose to tell my thoughts to. All I want to do is talk. Try understanding me

Lay off the twitter you rather tweet then talk to me


Make love with your soulmate all day


Every time I’m the streets I hear YAWK YAWK YAWK